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A serious accident can throw a wrench in your plans and even make you feel like your life has been derailed. Understanding the claims process is the first step to getting your life back,
stronger than ever. 


You’ve been injured in an auto accident. Why hire The Matos Law Firm?

Maximize your recovery

It’s a little-known truth that insurance companies do not pay out all that claimants are due. As your personal injury attorney, we know the system, the laws, and all that you’re entitled to under Colorado law. And we help you receive it. All of it. We advise you every step of the way so you don’t make mistakes that could devalue your claim.

You won’t pay anything out of your pocket

Your attorney is paid a portion of what you receive and nothing up front. We are paid when you are paid.

Get your life back... stronger than ever!

With The Matos Law Firm on your side, you will be able to focus on healing and getting on with your life, while we concentrate on resolving your case with the insurance companies and helping you obtain everything you are entitled to under the law.

Lisandra Matos 

Founder & Principal Attorney

Life changed for me in 2015 when I fell skiing and tore the ACL and meniscus in my right knee. After six weeks of following the surgeon’s recommendations of no weight bearing on my right leg, I lost muscle and it felt like my leg had died. I had to teach myself to do things that we take for granted such as lifting my leg and walking.

Eventually I learned how to walk again (but with a limp) through a lot of physical therapy. I thought that I would never be able to ski or hike around the beautiful Colorado mountains. I felt like my life had ended.

My life changed again the moment that I decided to keep moving forward and committed myself to becoming even stronger than before my accident. I listened to my doctors and physical therapists. I worked hard in therapy and outside of therapy. I even started going to Red Rocks Amphitheater and walking the stairs and became stronger every day. Eventually, I was able to run the stairs.

I felt so alive! I had overcome a huge mental, emotional and physical challenge. It was life changing! And I wanted to help other people feel that same way. So, I decided to start my own legal practice and empower others to keep moving forward, too.

I see that life will always bring its challenges. I help you accept what happened, put it behind you and become the strongest person you can be. I’m so grateful you found me and I look forward to serving you.

Rice University, B.A. in Psychology and Political Science
South Texas College of Law, JD

Professional Memberships
Colorado Trial Lawyers Association
Colorado Bar Association
Denver Bar Association

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I believe in helping people become stronger than ever from their experiences…because life happens to help us grow, not to limit us.

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