What to do After an Accident

The Process

A serious accident can throw a wrench in your plans and even make you feel like your life has been derailed. Understanding the claims process is the first step to getting your life back, stronger than ever.

Understanding the Process

The Unfortunate Happens

You were minding your own business, driving carefully and defensively, when suddenly someone crashes into you. Your car is damaged or even totaled. And, worst of all, thanks to the other party’s recklessness, you or your loved ones are now injured.

First Steps

This is the most critical time for your case. If you do not have guidance during the first hours or days following your injury, you are very likely to make mistakes that will devalue your claim.

Do Not Delay

Time is not on your side. Give us a call as soon as you are able. When you call, we will ask you to describe what happened in the accident and to explain your injuries. With this information we will determine whether we think we can make a difference in your case. If we believe we can, we will invite you to become our client.

The Healing Process

Once you have hired the Matos Law Firm to be your attorney, we will assist you in obtaining the medical treatment you need, while helping you avoid mistakes that may negatively impact your case.

The Demand Package

When you have finished treating, we will gather the evidence necessary to put together a compelling demand package, such as accident videos, injury pictures, medical records and bills, police reports, and wage loss documents.

Insurance Company Evaluation

The insurance company adjusters will review your demand. In most cases the adjusters will then extend to you a settlement offer. The amount of their offer will be determined by the severity of your injuries, the amount of your damages, and the strength of your demand package.

Protecting Your Rights Under The Law

We will carefully review the insurance company’s offer and will negotiate with them to ensure that you receive everything you are entitled to under Colorado law.


Most cases do not end up in court. However, if the insurance company refuses to provide a fair offer, we are fully prepared to file a lawsuit and try your case before a judge or jury.


If we are able to negotiate a fair offer with the insurance company, you will have the opportunity to settle your case. The settlement check will be deposited into a trust account. We will disburse the funds, first settling our fees, as well as any liens, medical bills, or subrogation. Our goal is for you to then move forward with your life- stronger than ever.

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