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Welcome to Matos Personal Injury Lawyers, where we’re not just lawyers; we’re your allies and advocates. We stand up for your rights and make sure your needs are protected. Since 2016, our mission has been to provide strong and fearless representation for people like you.

We understand that many in our community come from different countries, and we’re here to help. We speak both English and Spanish, so we can speak to you in the language you’re most comfortable with. We want you and your family to feel right at home when you visit us. 

Matos Personal Injury Lawyers – Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Lakewood, CO

At Matos Personal Injury Lawyers, we believe in doing what’s right. We practice active integrity, which means we always do our best to be honest and fair. 

Matos Personal Injury Lawyers - Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Lakewood, CO

No job is too small for us. Whether it’s filling out forms or going to court, we’re here to help you with anything you need to get justice. We’ve teamed up with skilled doctors and experts who speak both English and Spanish to make sure you get the best help possible.

When it comes to dealing with insurance companies, you don’t have to do it alone. We’ll take care of everything, even helping you fix your damaged car, so you don’t have to worry.

And the best part? You don’t pay us any money upfront. We get paid if we win your case.

Our commitment is to serve the legal needs of people in Colorado with kindness, care, and understanding. We’re proud to follow the example set by our Principal Attorney, Lisandra Matos, who believes in justice and quality representation for everyone, no matter where they come from. So, if you’re looking for lawyers who truly care about you, Matos Personal Injury Lawyers is here for you.


Principal Attorney at Matos Personal Injury Lawyers

Lisandra Matos - Personal Injury Attorney in Lakewood, CO - Matos Personal Injury Lawyers

From an early age, Lisandra knew she was called to help, support, and defend those in need. Moved by her mission to provide her community with the legal representation they need, especially underserved communities, such as Latina women and immigrants, Lisandra views her legal career as not merely an occupational pursuit but more of a calling.

After a traumatic skiing accident, Lisandra shifted her focus towards defending the rights and needs of those suffering from personal injuries.

As she has built Matos Personal Injury Lawyers from a dream to a reality, she has handled hundreds of cases and fearlessly fought on behalf of her clients – accumulating invaluable experience, acumen, and knowledge that continues to help her grow and thrive as a Lakewood injury attorney.

Throughout these years of honing her skills, Lisandra has achieved outstanding results for her clients – often relieving them of the emotional and financial nightmare that is associated with their personal injury.

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Lakewood Personal Injury Law Firm Review

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