Out-of-Pocket Expenses

In a personal injury context, the term “out-of-pocket expenses” refers to any expense you have to pay out of your own resources. In other words, they don’t include expenses that insurance companies pay before you even see the bill. 

Although out-of-pocket expenses are a subcategory of economic damages, they frequently overlap with other forms of economic damages, such as medical expenses.

First Things First: What To Do After an Accident 

First Things First: What To Do After an Accident 

What you do immediately after an accident can exert a decisive influence on the success or failure of your claim. To the extent that your injuries allow, take the following actions:

Although you don’t have to contact a lawyer immediately after your accident, you should do so within a few days at most.

Examples of Some Common Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Out-of-pocket expenses come in many different varieties. The list below includes only the most common expenses. Don’t exclude any expense just because it doesn’t appear on this list. Include an expense if it is reasonable, necessary, and if the accident is what generated the expense.  

Medical Expenses

Rehabilitation and Therapy

Home and Lifestyle Modifications

Transportation Costs

Vehicle Expenses

Child Care

House Cleaning

Personal Care and Nursing Care

Many other out-of-pocket expenses could factor into your specific case.

The “Reasonable and Necessary” Restriction

Colorado law requires all of your out-of-pocket expenses to be “reasonable and necessary.” This restriction, of course, invites the defendant or the insurance company to question whether your claimed expenses are valid. 

Document everything by collecting receipts and any other evidence you need to prove (i) that you needed to incur these expenses and (ii) you actually incurred them. In addition to collecting receipts, photograph anything that might support your claim.

How a Lakewood Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

An experienced Lakewood injury attorney can help you by:

Almost all personal injury lawyers charge on a contingency fee basis. This means you only pay legal fees if you win money for your case. The contingency fee arrangement aligns your lawyer’s interests with yours.

You’re Probably Ignoring Some of Your Out-of-Pocket Expenses

It’s difficult to remember and record every expense that might qualify as an “out-of-pocket expense.” A Colorado personal injury lawyer can definitely help you here. Even more importantly, a seasoned lawyer can help you identify, claim, and prove all manner of expenses and losses that you incurred as a result of your accident – including all of your economic and non-economic damages

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