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How Matos Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help if You Suffered a Brain Injury in Lakewood, CO

How Matos Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help if You Suffered a Brain Injury in Lakewood, CO

Brain injuries can impact every aspect of your life. They can be incredibly expensive to treat. Some victims never fully recover.

Insurance companies know that these cases can lead to high-dollar settlements. That gives them an incentive to fight hard to avoid paying what’s fair. Our Lakewood personal injury attorneys can help you fight to recover the maximum compensation you deserve.

When you hire Matos Personal Injury Lawyers, you’ll benefit from a law firm with decades of experience.

You can count on us to:

If you were injured, our Lakewood personal injury lawyers will help you take legal action. Call us today to learn more about our experience and how we can help prove your case.

Traumatic Brain Injuries: An Overview

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are injuries caused by some type of head trauma. These injuries can dramatically impact the brain’s ability to function. Any type of damage to the brain tissue can cause a wide range of damage.

The damage caused by a brain injury will depend on:

As a general matter, there are two primary classifications of traumatic brain injury: open-head injuries and closed-head injuries.

Open-head injuries occur when the skull is penetrated, damaging the sensitive brain tissue beneath.

Closed-head injuries occur when the brain tissue is damaged due to rapid motion within the skull. While the protective skull remains intact, the brain can be damaged due to contact with the inside of the skull. Closed-head brain injuries can also occur due to exposure to toxic substances or oxygen deprivation.

Our Injury Lawyers in Lakewood Handle All Types of Brain Injury Claims

After the initial classification, there are many different types of brain injury.

At Matos Personal Injury Lawyers, we handle brain injury claims involving:

If you have questions about your legal options after suffering a brain injury, contact Matos Personal Injury Lawyers for a free case review today.

How Common Are Brain Injuries?

According to research prepared by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there were 214,110 TBI-related hospitalizations in 2020. That doesn’t include victims who were treated in emergency rooms or urgent care centers and released, victims who only visited a primary care doctor, or those who went untreated.

Unfortunately, at least 69,473 TBI-related deaths were reported in 2021. That’s about 190 deaths per day.

What Are the Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Brain Injuries?

The brain is an extremely complicated organ. Not all brain injuries are immediately obvious. Some don’t produce symptoms for hours, or even days, after a blow to the head. 

The symptoms you may experience will depend on the type of injury, the area of the brain impacted, and the overall severity of the TBI.

Common signs that may indicate you have suffered a brain injury include:

Accidents that involve trauma to the head can be incredibly frightening. After suffering a brain injury, seek medical attention immediately. Prompt medical care can save your life and prevent more serious injuries. Immediate medical care can also be crucial to proving you deserve compensation from the responsible party.

What Are the Potential Long-Term Consequences of a Brain Injury?

The brain is the “computer” that controls the rest of the body. When the brain is damaged, the victim can suffer widespread damage. 

Serious brain injuries can lead to:

If you or a loved one are struggling with these consequences, call our Lakewood brain injury attorneys today. We have the experience and resources to help you hold the responsible parties accountable.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Brain Injuries in Lakewood, CO?

Over half of all emergency room visits related to TBIs involve fall accidents. According to the CDC, motor vehicle accidents, firearm-related suicide, and assault are other common ways people sustain TBIs.

At Matos Personal Injury Lawyers, our attorneys often handle brain injury cases involving:

Regardless of how you were injured, it’s important to have an experienced attorney by your side. If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, call our law firm in Lakewood today. We’d be happy to arrange a free consultation to explain your legal rights.

What is My Lakewood Brain Injury Claim Worth?

A serious brain injury can impact your entire future. According to the CDC, 55% of people who suffer moderate-to-severe TBIs do not have a job five years later but were employed at the time of the injury. 57% still struggled with a disability five years after getting hurt.

There are many different factors that will impact your case value, including:

Insurance companies aren’t known for handing over full settlement checks without a fight. It’s important to have a lawyer evaluate the evidence and details before taking an insurance settlement offer. 

What Types of Compensation Can I Recover if I Suffered a Brain Injury in Lakewood, Colorado?

Brain injury victims can seek compensation for economic damages and non-economic damages.

Some common examples of the compensation you may be entitled to receive include:

You only have one chance to recover a compensation award that fully accounts for your losses. It’s always worth it to have an experienced attorney review your case and help you identify your damages.

We’re here to help, so contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Is There a Deadline for Filing a Brain Injury Lawsuit in Colorado?

The deadline in your case will depend on how you sustained the brain injury.

In most personal injury cases, the statute of limitations in Colorado is two years. If you were injured in a car accident, the statute of limitations is three years

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