Third Party

If you suffer a personal injury, determining who is responsible may extend beyond those directly involved. “Third parties” can play a significant role in personal injury cases. However, you must understand the role and implications of third parties so you can pursue all potential sources of compensation.

A personal injury lawyer will file all viable claims to maximize your financial recovery after an accident. That includes a case that may involve third parties.

Who Is a Third Party in a Personal Injury Case?

Who Is a Third Party in a Personal Injury Case?

A third party in a personal injury case refers to any individual or business entity that is not directly involved in the underlying accident but who may have contributed to it in some way. These parties may be liable for the accident and resulting damages based on their secondary or indirect involvement. 

Third-party defendants are those who are added to your personal injury lawsuit because their actions allegedly contributed to your accident and injuries. This may include a company that manufactured a defective product, a maintenance company that failed to clean a wet floor, or a local government responsible for maintaining safe road conditions. 

Third-party defendants are often brought into cases by other defendants through a process known as impleader.

Cases involving third parties can be complex. This is because of the personal injury laws and court rules that may apply. Fortunately, a Colorado personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the path forward.

Potential Third-Party Defendants in a Colorado Personal Injury Claim

Identifying potential third-party defendants is an intricate process. It requires a comprehensive investigation into the facts leading up to your accident and injury and an understanding of personal injury law. Third parties brought into your personal injury case may share responsibility for your damages. 

Examples of third-party defendants include:  

If you or a loved one has been injured, speak with a Colorado personal injury attorney to identify all potential sources of compensation in your case. This will allow you to hold all responsible parties accountable for their negligence.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help With a Third-Party Claim?

A personal injury lawyer is invaluable when dealing with cases involving third parties. Third parties, in any case, can create complicated proceedings and theories of liability, but an attorney can guide you to trial or settlement. 

A personal injury lawyer will offer:

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Contact an Experienced Lakewood Personal Injury Lawyer To Handle Your Third-Party Claim

If you or a loved one have been injured where a third party may be involved, seeking a Lakewood personal injury lawyer is crucial. Our team can provide the representation you need to navigate your case, identify potentially liable parties, and maximize your compensation. Involving a lawyer early in the process increases the likelihood of a favorable outcome.