Secrets Of Accident Claims Against GEICO REVEALED!

GEICO is one of the largest insurance providers in the country, but it didn’t get to be the insurance giant it is by simply handing out money. GEICO makes its money off unsuspecting customers who don’t realize how they’re being taken advantage of as it works hard to reduce its payouts as much as possible.

If you are preparing to file an accident claim with the company, taking the time to learn some of the top secrets about the GEICO accident claims process is crucial. When you know what tactics to expect and how to counter them, you have a much better chance of walking away with the car accident compensation you need. 

GEICO Uses Medical Experts to Deny Your Medical Costs

If you know anything about car accident claims, it’s that — in theory — your claim should effectively reimburse you for any medical expenses you incur that are related to your accident. You should be able to collect medical bills as evidence, submit them to GEICO, and receive reimbursement for the costs. 

However, GEICO has a trick for getting around paying your medical bills; it calls in its own team of medical professionals to assess your injuries and the treatment you received. If they find that the treatment you received wasn’t necessary, GEICO can get out of paying you back for a good portion of your medical costs. 

GEICO Knows Your Claim Is Worth More Than Their Offer

It’s important to understand that whatever amount GEICO names as their initial payout offer is undoubtedly far lower than the total amount you’re eligible to receive. In general, insurance agents know that the claims process is a negotiation. So, they’ll start with a low offer so they have room to negotiate when you ask for more. 

The unfortunate truth is that not everyone is aware of that fact, which means a victim might think the amount they’re offered is better than nothing and accept it. Never accept GEICO’s first payout offer, and make sure you know that you can more than likely walk away with a lot more if you know how to counter.  

GEICO Uses Recorded Statements Against You

When you initially file a claim with GEICO, an insurance representative will call you and ask you to make a recorded statement over the phone. Sometimes, a GEICO agent may even claim that you’re required to give a recorded statement before the claim can progress, but these pressures are simply false. 

GEICO — like any insurance provider — only takes recorded statements so they can use your own words against you. The tactics they use on these calls are highly deceptive. For example, it’s often a matter of courtesy to ask the other person how they’re doing at the start of a call.

If, however, you respond by saying you’re “fine” or “good,” GEICO can use that simple conversational response to make the case that you aren’t really injured or in pain. 

With that said, never underestimate how manipulative a GEICO representative can be. Understand that it’s generally safest to allow a car accident lawyer to handle the entire claims process for you.

GEICO Works Hard to Justify Lowball Offers

GEICO has more than one way of downplaying your actual medical expenses after a car accident. One common trick comes out when an injured person is left facing excessive medical bills they can’t afford to pay off. In cases like these, GEICO can purchase a victim’s hospital lien

If you owe the hospital $50,000, for instance, GEICO can purchase your lien for a fraction of that amount, perhaps as low as $15,000, which makes it look like your injuries were far less severe than they really were. 

At a glance, that might not seem like a problem; after all, if they’re paying off the debt. You might think the final dollar amount they pay doesn’t matter. However, that sort of arrangement can have a ripple effect that seriously impacts your overall compensation value. 

If you were left with serious or permanent injuries, you could also seek non-economic damages for things like emotional anguish or pain and suffering. But, the amount you obtain in those areas is often contingent upon economic damages like your medical bills. 

With that said, if GEICO buys and pays off your hospital lien, it can end up disqualifying you from tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in other forms of compensation. If you don’t realize that risk from the get-go, there might be nothing you can do to recover the full compensation value your injuries merit.  

GEICO Doesn’t Want You to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

GEICO, as is clear, uses many different tactics to keep its payouts small. But, the common thread that runs through them all is that they take advantage of the average person’s unawareness of being taken advantage of. 

In a similar vein, GEICO doesn’t want you to hire a car accident lawyer to handle your claim because they know that lawyers are aware of their tricks and will fight back against them. They also know that your lawyer has every motivation to fight for as high a payout as possible. 

As such, dealing with a car accident lawyer is the last thing a GEICO representative wants to do, but it’s the best way to ensure you recover the money you need. 

Protect Yourself From GEICO Accident Claim Tactics

Before you begin the process of filing a GEICO claim, make sure you understand what you’re going up against. Most car accident lawyers offer free consultations and don’t require payment until your claim is finished and won. It’s always worth your time to stop and consult a legal professional before you get the ball rolling. 

When you know the secrets behind the GEICO claims process, you’ll be better equipped to protect your finances and ensure you’re not taken advantage of.

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