Traffic and Red Light Cameras in Lakewood, CO

Across the United States, nearly a third of all traffic fatalities are related to speeding. In Colorado, deaths caused by speeding are on the rise. Officials are trying to mitigate the problem by implementing technology designed to catch people who go over the speed limit. 

Red light cameras in Lakewood and other cities across Colorado can help identify those who speed or fail to stop at an intersection. How do these cameras work, how effective are they, and what do they mean for drivers who aren’t breaking traffic laws? 

How Do Red Light Cameras Work?

Red light cameras integrate with stoplight systems to capture images if someone may be breaking a traffic law, such as speeding or running a red light. 

Most cameras use one or both of these systems to determine when to start capturing images:

  • Radar, which uses the Doppler effect to estimate how quickly a vehicle is going
  • Sensors, which go off if a vehicle passes over them after the light has turned red

Whether caused by speeding or a failure to stop, the camera will take two photos at a set interval. Experts can use those two images to determine the car’s speed and gain insight into the traffic violation. Along with the pictures, the camera system will record the date, time, and how long the light was red (if applicable). 

The images are then sent to either the local police department or the Department of Transportation for review, where the driver may be issued a citation. 

Red light cameras have been used in the United States since the 1990s, when they were introduced to New York City. However, their legality has been questioned in multiple jurisdictions, with some people wondering if they violate privacy. 

While they have been widely debated, numerous studies indicate they are invaluable in promoting safer driving behaviors and reducing the risk of car accidents in high-risk intersections. 

For that reason, they’ve been legalized and adopted in multiple areas of the United States, including Lakewood and other areas throughout Colorado. However, there must be adequate public signage indicating that a camera is being used at an intersection.

How Accurate Are Speed Cameras?

Traffic safety and speed cameras are generally accurate, and they’re getting more precise as time goes on, thanks to newer technology. Since the photographs are also reviewed by experts prior to issuing a citation, the risk of error is even smaller. 

As with any ticket, however, there is still room for a mistake. 

If you believe you have been issued a wrongful citation or if you were not driving the vehicle during the incident, you may be able to contest it in court using one of these methods:

  • Pleading no contest and submitting a written explanation to reduce your fine amount
  • Entering a plea of not guilty and requesting a trial to contest the violation
  • Submitting a certificate of innocence to show that you were not the driver

While these are the most common tactics for contesting a red-light camera ticket, they are not the only ways to handle the situation. An attorney can examine your situation to help you determine the best way to resolve your citation. 

Red Light Cameras in Lakewood, CO

In Lakewood, Colorado, there are several intersection safety cameras designed to increase safety and reduce speeding across the city. These cameras are only meant to capture images of potential traffic violations and should not have an impact on individuals who are driving safely. 

If you believe the cameras incorrectly flagged you for a citation or otherwise violated your privacy, it’s worth seeking help from an attorney. They understand local traffic laws and can help you choose which course of action to take for the best outcome possible.

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